Monday, 18th of December 2017

Contact Us: 07900 581 557

Monday, 18th of December 2017

Contact Us: 07900 581 557

Client news

Client news

Revolutionary ShowSuit fabric system is the most portable, the most seamless, the most beautiful, the most cost-effective shell scheme liner on the planet.  

Use it again and again. Because it's fabric, it's easy to pack and carry but hard to fact it's fully washable.   

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The ex pat communities of France, Spain and Portugal are growing year on year, so Four season garden furniture is expanding our delivery zone to include delivery to Europe

Dedicated shell scheme graphic display systems have been around for some time now but Fresco has come up with new ways to stand out from all the other shell scheme booths. Their unique display systems ShowSuit and Curvorama are the most portable and the most versatile shell scheme displays you can buy. ShowSuit covers an exhibition booth in one seamless tensioned fabric print that fits in a small bag. Curvorama features continuous, flexible graphics and can be mounted on a shell scheme or be free-standing. No other portable display system can do this. Fresco has many other ways to draw attention to your shell scheme and offers a wide range of furniture, flags and portable fabric displays. Colourful, slick designer furniture will add style to your stand. Tall flags can be a great way to signpost you exhibition booth. Either floor-standing or mounted with a pole clamp. After the exhibition they can be very useful outside your shop or at an outdoor event. Speaking of which Fresco offers a great variety of outdoor display systems. These range from a super-portable spring-framed fabric pop-outs to very solid all-weather display walls.

The 3 metre high flag that Fresco produced for Guardian Angel PC Support has a large water-fillable base. This sturdy plastic moulding is easily carried when empty but very secure when full.

Many flag shapes are available - Quill, Feather, Curve, Rectangle, Crest as well as flags you can wear on a comfortable backpack. Fresco has everything you need to shine at your next exhibition but specialises in portable shell scheme display systems. With 25 years in the business Fresco has experience plus a unique innovative approach to shell scheme graphics.

Miles Harris Fresco PictureWall

Miles is MD of Fresco and the inventor of a number of portable display systems including Curvorama and ShowSuit

Corporate Insignia manufacture quality re-usable name badges with a no minimum order requirement: this means that every business, club, conference, hotel, tea shop, school, restaurant, etc., can avail themselves of our high quality  re-usable name badges. 

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture.

  • Maintenance Free.

  • Immediate Free Delivery.

  • Five year guarantee.

  • Unbeatable quality.





Removing "Children Categories" title

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boot up the ftp client and go to ../components/com_k2/templates/default/Category.php.
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