Friday, 27th of May 2022

Contact Us: 07900 581 557

Friday, 27th of May 2022

Contact Us: 07900 581 557

Search Engine Optimisation and Promotion

Search engine optimisation is preparing your site for search engine listings, this includes-
  • Navigation and search engine access
  • Page coding and titles
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword focus and density in each page
  • Web page relevancy
  • Link popularity

Optimising your Web Site for Keywords

Optimising your site to be relevant for keywords is the fundamental step to online promotion and the foundation of your presence online.

Netpromote will need to identify your keywords and quantify the search activity of those main terms and all related keyword terms. We will then actively target these popular terms with search engine friendly pages, as well as including the range of supporting content need to achieve a wide range of related and 'Long tail' keywords.


The first step in SEO process is to identify the target keywords.

Target keywords need to be suitable for your business and actively searched by search engine users.

Netpromote will help you identify your businesses keywords and the amount of search activity those keywords receive

What is search engine promotion?

Search engine promotion is the process of adding your site listing to as many search engines and directories as possible.

Making sure that search engine are viewing your site correctly.

Over 14 years of search engine promotion Netpromote has developed our promotional service to fit a wide range of clients please contact us to discuss your on and offline promotional needs.

Netpromote SEO Service

For the initial search engine promotion and site optimisation Netpromote recommend a 3 month process of optimisation and promotion.

The first month will be the main optimisation of the site. Netpromote will optimise, promote and test your sites relevancy and position until we are achieving the best results possible.

Netpromote can supply optimisation as a standalone service where we optimise and prepare your site for listing in the search engine. the client can teh promote their own site.

The following 2 months will consolidate your position making sure that you are listed in all the search engines for the correct keywords.

The aim will be to achive top 10 positions for your relevant keywords.

Contact us for more information on our website optimisation services 

Ongoing Consultation and Optimisation

Over time we will be able to review and focus your pages to achieve better listings. We will also look to adding new and fresh content regularly to improve the site for both visitors and search engines.

The result should be good traffic from natural search engine listings. In the long run Search engine listings are a very effective way to get a good return on investment. The process should result in the integration of your site into the web of the internet, which will be a permanent effect if managed correctly.

free-seo-appraisalWe have 3 main levels of service:

  • Lifeline our entry level service helping you small single subject site gain search engine listings.
  • Etensive care which allows more time for bigger web site and incorporate more link building and content management.
  • Corporate, which is our bespoke package incorporating all promotional services both and off line.